Looking for a Date? You Might be Doomed.

A Love Formula, a Dating Game and a Book to Solve all Your Dating Blues.

Single? Looking for love? More than 100 million Americans are single and most of them are looking for love. Where can you find the one? Maybe online? There are 500 dating web sites in the US and more than 15 million people every month visit just one of them – Match.com. What does it mean? It means that finding the perfect match is as easy as a finding a needle in a haystack. Are you doomed? You might be.

You are doomed if you spend countless hours looking for the perfect match, but don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

You are doomed if you spend tons of money on a date, but don’t know how to connect or how to create love.

You are doomed if you fa ll in love, but know nothing about how to build a relationship with that special person, a relationship that lasts and works.

Painful? Ouch!

What can help? Who can help? Not a single dating web site will help you understand yourself and what you are looking for. N one of them will teach you how to connect with another person, and no one will tell you a secret formula for love…

… except us. We do.

We have the Love Formula, the Dating Game, and the Book to solve all your dating blues.

Love Formula

Love is simple. You may not know it, but love is really simple. Love is a mix of two main ingredients: chemistry and trust. When you have both chemistry and trust, perfectly mixed together, you have a sure chance for creating long- lasting, hot, exciting, and fulfilling love.  On the other hand, when you are in a relationship with someone that is built only on trust, you will create a friendship . W hen your relationship is built purely on chemistry alone – you will get a fiery, short-lived … disaster. Now that you know the love formula, look into your past and recall relationships that did not work. Can you recognize the reasons for their failures? Write us if you do.

LOVE = Chemistry + Trust

Ready for love; got a date? Want to make it into a fun, successful experience? Want to know right away if your date is a match for you? Then you are ready for  the Team-Up Dating Game. The Team-Up Dating Game is a get-to-know-you dating game that will help you quickly recognize if your date is a good candidate for romance, friendship, or a business partner.

The Team-Up Dating Game

Love is a team game. Are you a team player? Can you play it? Do you know the rules? If not, The Team-Up Dating Game will help you learn the necessary skills to build a relationship with anyone you meet, quickly recognize a good match, and possibly get another date.

Only two players are needed for this game, but you can also play it with a group of people at a party, in a speed dating format. Follow the instructions below, and get ready to play the game . If this game helped you make a connection, build a relationship, make a friend, or simply have a good time, tell us how it worked.

What do you need to play?

  1. Get ready for the game – follow the instructions below.
    1. The Relationship Map (download it now).
    2. The Chemistry Map (see your download).
    3. The Team-Up Map (see your download).
  2. A Date Mate – someone to play with (find a date yourself or sign up for our live and online events).
  3. Game rules (see your download).
  4. 15-30 minutes of  game time.

Relationship map

A relationship is a voyage, of two people, into the future. Two perfectly matched crew members, whose futures are aligned and whose pasts are well known, will make the most out of  a relationship and will make it last. Download the Game Maps package, fill it out, and bring it to your date; follow STEPS 1, 2, and 3 to determine if your partner is a match, and then score your luck in the score card (see your download).

Team Up Game relationship map

Chemistry Map

Without chemistry, there is no love or passion in relationships. Chemistry is fueled by polarity. Good chemistry is born when two opposite character traits come together to form a new balanced combination. Polarity is like Yin and Yang; it will keep your relationship growing and moving forward. To determine if you and your date will have chemistry, download and fill out a Chemistry Map (see your download).

Team-Up Skill Map

We are attracted to people who can make our lives easier and better. Sailing through life is more fun with a person who has your back. Your perfect match will have your back and possess a set of skills that will make the two of you, when joined together, into a bigger, better, more successful new entity – a life success team. For example, if you hate to cook but like to clean or entertain, your team-up partner will be a good cook. S o, together, you will make a good and complete Party Team. When your weaknesses align with your date’s strengths you will make a winning team that can work and play together for many years to come.

To determine if you and your date will make a successful life team, fill in The Team-Up Skill Map (see your download).

*Caution! You have to have weaknesses to be a good team mate. Without weaknesses you do not need a team mate ; it means your relationship will not last.

What You Will Win

Finding the perfect match, the love of your life, requires a bit of magic and a speckle of luck . I t also requires a simple set of skills to build a perfect relationship when you finally meet your perfect match. When you play The Team-Up Game:

  • you might hit 10 and meet your match on the spot (Congratulations!)
  • you will speed up the process of finding the one by meeting tons of singles when you sign up for our live and online events (Sign up now!)
  • you will build skills to know and recognize who is right for you
  • you might score another date, or convince your date to go out with you again
  • you will always make a new friend
  • you may team up with your date for a career or business project

Download The Team-Up Dating Game Rules and Maps

What is the next step?

You can always level up and create a relationship that works, or deepen and strengthen existing connections in your life. If you want to know how to build trust and how to create chemistry, pre-order “The Love Games: The End of The Dark Ages of Love” – a book that will explain how to take your relationship to the next level.

Another thing you can do is to become part of The Team-Up Community. When you pre-order “The Love Games” you will get chance to win an invitation to our exclusive online Team-Up Dating Club and a FREE 12 -month membership to all of our online and offline events and games.


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P.S. If you enjoyed this game, please write to us. This game is still in the testing phase, so if you have thoughts and ideas about how to improve it we will be happy to hear from you. Is there anything confusing about the game? Was it useful? Can you think of anything that could improve the game? Email your ideas to teamup.dating.game@gmail.com.

What else?

Love is the ultimate luxury. Successful love is as rare as travel to the moon. Well, maybe a bit more common, but still rare and definitely much more priceless. After all, what is the point of flying to the moon if you come back to the empty front seat of a Lamborghini? When you devote plenty of time to the art of cooking, the art of building trust, chemistry is just a must-have skill. How and where to learn that skill? As I am writing a book about it – The Love Games: The End of Dark Ages of Love, and you can’t wait to read it, pre-order it on Amazon.com.